New! Listerine Smart Rinse: the tasty mouthwash for kids.

I have alway’s been really sensitive about my teeth and have tried multiple products over the years to keep them in place. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s been a perfect ride: I had 4 of them pulled due to what I”ll call “non dental etiquette”. Basically, 3 Wisdom teeth grew half-way in and decided to stop.

Just… suddenly… stopped.                                                                     

They started growing sometime after I turned 19. They stopped when I was 26 or so.


They barely came through the gum line. So, I had not one, not two but 3 wonderful bacteria-encouraging pits in the back of my mouth. They had to come out anyway but money was tight. I’ve alway’s worked but that doesn’t mean I’ve alway’s had health insurance. Currently I don’t but at that time, September of 2008,  I took up a job that did. It was for ACS:

Dun-Dun-Dun! (Danger! Danger! Run Away!) 

ACS was not a reputable company (and to this day, still isn’t) but they had a wonderful dental benefit packet for $40.00 a month and it covered up to 80% of surgical procedures so why not? I worked non stop until I had 40 hour’s of PTO saved up. When that fateful April day came, I was not too shy about going!

Now let me state: when that morning finally arrived, I was happy. When we (my aunt was my security blanket) finally got there, I was happy. When we were in the waiting room, I was happy. The moment I got in the chair, I became nauseous. The Nurse prepping me noticed it as well. His exact statement: “You look like you’re about to pass out.”

He was right: I was.

Before I could finish laughing it off, I was out cold. Ah, the beauty of anesthesia: One needle attached to one tube that is attached to 3 tubes to knock you the hell out. Love it! When I woke up, I was super dizzy and immediately concerned. I asked how long it took; “20 minutes” was his reply. I tried to wrap my head around pulling out 4 teeth in 20 min but came to the conclusion what’s done is done. I was happy regardless so I nodded on off to sleep.

Back home, I rested well. I was given a prescription for Hydrocodone (love that stuff!) and was in heaven for about 2 days. What I didn’t get was the memo not to use straws.  I thought I was helping myself by keeping liquids away from my teeth by using them.

No way sister; I made it worse.

As it turns out, the straws increases the amount of air in the mouth which gives the air the golden opportunity to suck out the closures over the opened pits. So.. by day 2, I was experiencing the worst cramping in my jaw line known to man. Thinking this was part of the healing process, I took over the counter medication to adjust: didn’t work. I went back to the surgeon and he filled my pits (sounds so gross!) with this amazing item:  Codine soaked Bandages.


The medicine took 10 min to work but once it started, I could smile w/out hurting again. I was very grateful for codine once again.

Over the past year, I haven’t done much to take care of my teeth. Now, I’m revamped to get it together. Flossing is difficult: as former comedian Mitch Hedberg once stated – “Learning to start flossing is like trying to quit smoking!”.  And I agree: I use a pick but flossing everyday is hard. I heard the dental industry is coming out with a black floss so you can see the crap inbetween your teeth left behind by the toothbrush and listerine… which brings me to the point of my post (took a minute? yes it did!).

I’ve used the blue version of Listerine Smart Rinse Mouthwash for kids and hated it. So when this Berry version came out, I decided to try it. Well, what do you know: it’s pretty good. No alcohol, which is great since my mouth is very sensitive and that stuff burns like crazy. It also highlights the crap left behind so I can see it when I spit the stuff out of my mouth. It’s not gross at all because it’s pink!

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